1. How to buy KAMA pots?

You can buy our pots directly in our office in Warsaw in Poland. We are open on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00. A visit at our office will help to decide what to choose, as it is possible to see and compare our products.

Other option is contact with us by e-mail – info@kamaflower.com or by phone – +48 22 817 95 54, +48 22 817 95 55 or +48 22 462 32 68.

You can also buy KAMA pots from our partners – directly or from on-line stores.

2. What is the waiting time for flower pots?

Including models, sizes, standard colours and version with wheels, we manufacture 204 different KAMA flower designs, 57 KAMA pure designs and 42 KAMA concrete designs.
These numbers do not include modifications such as illumination, which can be made for already produced pots.

Due to such a large number of products, it is clear that flowerpots are made according to specific Customers’ wishes. The delivery time is usually 2 weeks, but sometimes it can be longer.
We try to have our most popular designs in stock to have them available off-the-shelf.

3. Technical details of KAMA flower pots.

Dimensions of flowerpots:
( height / max diameter (in centimeters))

XS--------14 / 38
S45 / 3845 / 3845 / 4845 / 3845 / 4545 / 45-45 / 100-
M60 / 5060 / 5060 / 6560 / 5060 / 6060 / 60---
L75 / 5575 / 6075 / 7575 / 6075 / 7575 / 70---
XL100 / 80100 / 80100 / 105100 / 80-100 / 100100 / 52--
XXL-125 / 100125 / 130125 / 100--125 / 60--

Plants can be planted directly in pots or in additional inserts.

( flowerpot / insert (in litres))

XS--------10 / -
S30 / 530 / 550 / 530 / 540 / 545 / 5-360 / 65-
M75 / 1280 / 12125 / 1275 / 12110 / 12115 / 12---
L145 / 20160 / 20240 / 20150 / 20210 / 20225 / 20---
XL345 / 40380 / 40570 / 40355 / 40-535 / 40110 / 12--
XXL-740 / 651110 / 65690 / 65--225 / 20--

Dimensions of inserts:
(depth / diameter (in centimeters))
5 litres12 litres20 litres40 litres65 litres
18 / 2223 / 2826 / 3428 / 4635 / 52

Estimated masses:
(empty flowerpot / flowerpot with ground / flowerpot with insert with ground (in kilograms))

XS--------1,4 / 16 / -
S3 / 48 / 113 / 48 / 114 / 79 / 123 / 48 / 114 / 64 / 124 / 72 / 12-15 / 555 / 113-
M5 / 118 / 236 / 126 / 247 / 195 / 256 / 119 / 247 / 172 / 257 / 180 / 25---
L7 / 225 / 378 / 248 / 389 / 369 / 398 / 233 / 389 / 324 / 399 / 347 / 39---
XL18 / 536 / 7819 / 589 / 7921 / 876 / 8119 / 552 / 79-21 / 824 / 819 / 174 / 27--
XXL-26 / 1136 / 12430 / 1695 / 12826 / 1061 / 124--13 / 351 / 43--

Possibility of installing wheels:


Standard colours:

Surface finish – gloss.

4. Technical details of KAMA pure pots.

Dimensions of flowerpots:
(external dimensions – length, width, height (in centimeters), volumes (in litres), estimated masses (in kilograms), possibility of installing wheels)

lengthwidthheightvolumemass of empty potmass of pot with soilwheels
Cube 606060609020155YES
Cube 8080808016040280YES
Cube 10010010010025065440YES
Wall 20703020321060YES
Wall 607030605320100YES
Wall 807030805325105YES
Wall 80L9030806830130YES
Wall 10070301005330110YES
Tower 60303060231045YES
Tower 80303080231550YES
Tube 60diameter = 40-60291154YES
Tube 80diameter = 40-80291356YES
Tube 100diameter = 40-100291558YES

Standard colours:

Surface finish – semi-matted with fine-grained structure.

5. Technical details of KAMA concrete pots.

Dimensions of flowerpots:
(external dimensions – length, width, height (in centimeters), volumes (in litres), estimated masses (in kilograms)

lengthwidthheightvolumemass of empty potmass of pot with soil

Standard colours:

Surface finish – semi-matted with characteristic structure.

6. Some information about composites.

Composites is a very broad group of materials, widely applied in modern technology. They are used most often in the construction of aircrafts and helicopters, yachts and boats, sports and specialized cars bodywork, pressure vessels, sports equipment – skis, fishing rods, tennis rackets, as well as in many other demanding applications. The type and construction of composites are chosen for the expected properties, loads, technology of manufacture and prices.
KAMA flower and KAMA pure pots, despite their apparent simplicity, are advanced products in terms of materials and technology. It would be quite unfair to say that they are made from glass fibre glued with raisin, as some producers describe their products.
The materials and technologies used by KAMA are the same as in the manufacture of yachts. Because of this, our pots are high quality, resistant, durable and functional. They will serve you for many years as a unique decoration of gardens and rooms.

7. What is polymer concrete?

Polymer concrete is a type of concrete where cement is replaced with synthetic resin.
Both cement, as well as resin act as a binder that combines grains of sand and aggregate. Resin is much stronger than cement, which is why polymer concrete is more durable than regular concrete, more resistant to cracks and does not absorb water.
These features are desirable in products such as flower pots. Products made from this material can have thinner walls than concrete product, hence they are lighter and easier to transport. They are also more long-lasting and do not crack in the winter, so their durability is much higher. Because of this, despite higher price, they are more cost-effective than concrete pots.
Of course, there are many different varieties of polymer concrete which differ in composition and properties. KAMA has developed its own formula and technology of manufacture.

8. How to protect plants against frost?

Some plant species are quite delicate and may be penetrated with cold during cold weather. This is true for example in the case of decorative oleanders that need to be inside rooms during the winter. When planting such plants, it is worth to order additional wheels that greatly facilitate moving pots to warmer places. Wheels can be ordered for KAMA flower and KAMA pure flowerpots.
If delicate plant species must remain outside during the winter, it is worth to warm up their root mass. This can be made for all KAMA pots. This is the easiest in the case of rectangular pots – KAMA pure and KAMA concrete. Their walls and bottom need to be lined with styrofoam boards. Just remember not to clog the drainage holes. The required thickness of boards is difficult to determine, as it depends on many factors – type of plant, place, size of the pot, severity of cold and the duration of cold weather. You can also order already insulated pots. Usually, we use 5 cm thick styrofoam.
In the case of KAMA flower pots and the use of planting inserts, air trapped inside creates a good layer of insulation. Additionally, you can use styrofoam, mineral wool, a couple of layers of bubble wrap or PE foam.
If plants are planted directly inside the pot, insulating layers should be placed on its walls. For this purpose, use expanded clay aggregate or pieces of styrofoam. Insulation should be separated from soil with thick foil, so that it does not get into empty spaces and to avoid sagging. As insulation, use layers of bubble wrap or foam polyethylene that will get pressed and will result in sagging of the soil level inside the pot. In this case, mineral wool is no good, as it loses its properties after exposure to moisture.

9. What pots should I buy for a balcony or terrace?

Balconies and terraces have a limited capacity. Remember that when choosing the right pots. What is important is their low self-weight and the structure that allows for planting in a limited volume of soil.
A perfect choice would be composite KAMA flower pots, as they are very light and allow you to place your plants in a special insert inside the pot. The use of inserts significantly reduces the amount of soil and the weight of the planted pot.
Also, KAMA pure are a great choice for balconies and terraces, as they are made from composites, and therefore are very light in relation to their size. Normally, these pots have a shelf 30 cm from the upper edge, which reduces the amount of soil needed and the weight of planted pots.
Pots of both brands can be optionally equipped with additional wheels. This makes it very easy to move them while cleaning or changing the arrangement, which is very important in the limited area of balconies or terraces.
A common solution for terraces are balustrades made of pots that close the space, giving the feeling of intimacy and organizing movement. A perfect choice to create such balustrades are WALL 80, WALL 80L and TOWER 80 KAMA pure pots. Their height of 80 cm is optimal for those applications, and lengths of 70, 90 and 30 cm make it possible to build sets suitable for almost any terrace. In addition, they are 30 cm wide, so they are stable and do not take up too much space at the same time.

10. Planting – garden pots.

All KAMA pots can be used as garden pots or on terraces and balconies.
Pots set outside collect water from rainfall.
This can cause the plant to wither due to flooding of the roots, and in winter, when water freezes, it can even damage the pot. For these reasons, pots should have drainage holes in the bottom. Such holes are standard in the case of KAMA concrete, and when it comes to KAMA flower and KAMA pure, you can make them yourself or ask us when placing your order. If plants are planted in additional containers KAMA flower, drainage holes should be made in them as well.
At the bottom of the pot or additional insert you should place a 2-3 cm layer of small stones, gravel or expanded clay, which will provide drainage and drain off excess water. This layer should be covered with non-woven fabric to prevent clogging. Then, add substrate for flowers. After planting, it is worth to place decorative stones, bark or wood chips on the surface, which, in addition to decorative effect, will prevent the soil from becoming too dry and will inhibit the growth of weeds.

11. Planting in pots for interior use.

In the case of KAMA flower, plants can be planted directly in pots or in an additional insert placed inside. The size of inserts is sufficient for most plants. This reduces the amount of soil needed, weight, and facilitates care and changes in the arrangement.
If you are concerned by excess water when using the insert, make drainage holes in the bottom, add 2-3 cm layer of fine gravel, stones or expanded clay, cover it with non-woven fabric, add soil and plant. The bottom layers facilitate water drainage and prevent clogging. Excess water will move from the insert to the pot.
When planting directly in KAMA flower pots, add 10-20 cm layer of fine gravel, stones or expanded clay and then add the substrate. This layer will collect excess water, and the plant will be able to use it.
In the case of KAMA pure and KAMA concrete, proceed similarly and place a thick layer that absorbs water at the bottom.
Polymer concrete pots are manufactured with drainage holes. You should seal them yourself or let us know in the order to not make them.
After planting, it is good to cover the soil surface with a layer of gravel, decorative stones or coloured wood chips that will act as a decoration.

12. How to clean and maintain pots?

KAMA flower pots are perfectly smooth and shiny. This greatly limits the deposition of dirt. Pots do not require any care. To clean them, use any available means, excluding products containing abrasives (they are not transparent).
The surface of KAMA pure and KAMA concrete pots is semi-matted and does not require any care. Most impurities can be removed with water and mild detergent.

13. Illumination of plants – Sunshine series.

This unique solution involves mounting LED lights inside the pot that light up the plant from the bottom. Such a way to exhibit the beauty of plants is perfect for parks or gardens, and was not previously used in pots. KAMA has developed two lighting systems – powered from mains (230 V) or by batteries hidden in the socket. Both give the same effect, but battery power can be used in all places – in gardens, on terraces, indoors. It is safe in case of contact with water. Thanks to cost-effective power system, one set of alkaline batteries is enough to illuminate your plants for up to 200 hours. Sunshine lights powered from mains (230 V), for safety reasons, can only be used indoors and in dry rooms.

Illuminated pots are a decorative solution that highlights the beauty of plants at night and gives spectacular effects on the walls and ceilings.
For these pots, it is best to choose plant species with wide, not very dense leaves and twigs – for example, different varieties of ficus or grasses.
Sunshine series includes all KAMA pure and KAMA flower pots except Faro.

It can be used with additional wheels.

14. Pots with additional wheels.

The option of additional wheels makes it very easy to move plants when cleaning or changing the arrangement. Wheels must be mounted at the stage of manufacture – this cannot be done later by yourself.
Self-adjusting, dual wheels are hidden in the recess in the bottom of the pot. They are practically invisible, because the bottom edge of the pot is raised only about 1 cm above the surface.
Wheels are designed to be used on hard, even and horizontal surfaces. They are not suitable for lawns or cobblestones. Use caution on slopes – pots with wheels can move themselves and pose a potential threat.
The wheels option is available for all KAMA flower models. The exception are PARGA and FARO pots, as well as the smallest (S) models of MANCOR, SILBA, ANAKENA, GARAFIA, CANICO and TRACINO. When choosing wheels, remember to plant inside inserts. Pots completely filled with soil would be too heavy.
Additional wheels are also available for all KAMA pure pots. In the case of custom planting throughout the entire volume of the pot, it would be too heavy to use wheels.