flowerpots for interiors and gardens

KAMA is  a Polish manufacturer of flowerpots for interiors and gardens.

Our offer includes three brands of mass-produced flowerpots: KAMA flower, KAMA pure, KAMA concrete and also custom flowerpots which are made on individual orders according to Customers’ projects.

KAMA products are great addition to apartments, houses, terraces, gardens and urban space. They will beautifully adorn the most visited spots, such as reception areas of companies and hotels, greatly enhancing their appearance and prestige.

A very large selection of shapes, sizes and colours, as well as the ability to create virtually any pots according to Customers’ needs make our offer versatile and perfect for anyone.

Take a look at our offer!

KAMA flower

KAMA flower – premium pots made from composites, available in nine design lines and with heights of up to 125 cm. By many considered the most beautiful pots available on the market. A perfect choice for the most luxurious interiors and gardens.

KAMA pure

KAMA pure – cuboid and cylinder shaped pots made from composites, available in four design lines and in many sizes. Very useful when creating interior dividers, terrace barriers or flower beds along the wall.

KAMA concrete

KAMA concrete – pots dedicated mainly for public spaces. Made of extremely durable and sustainable polymer concrete, excellent as elements of landscape architecture at the streets or in parks. Made in cuboid shapes and in many sizes.

custom flowerpots

custom flowerpots – an answer to unusual Customers’ needs. The shape or size are not a challenge for us. We create pots according to individual projects using diverse materials, technologies and solutions.

a few words about us

KAMA was established in 1988.

We operate in several industries – we manufacture flowerpots, bio-fireplaces, sailing and motor boats, as well as custom furniture.  For more details, visit our website – www.kama.net.pl

We try to be the best at what we do. We are passionate and always strive for perfection. Due to the technical education of the company’s management and employess, as well as many years of experience, we can say that we know what we do.