KAMA pure

As part of this brand, we offer mass-produced flowerpots in cuboid and cylinder shapes.

Flowerpots in this shape are often used in greater quantities as partitions in premises, railings on terraces or plant beds along the wall. They are also perfect as standalone decorations in interiors and gardens.

This collection includes 13 pot models belonging to four design lines with different sizes.

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KAMA pure products are made from heavy-duty and resistant composites using sandwich materials. This solution, inspired by aircrafts and yachts, perfectly maintains rigidity and prevents deformation of the walls under the influence of temperature changes. Especially external pots are in danger of these factors. Walls deformation is the main drawback of competitive products. In addition to unsightly appearance, they lead to cracks on the surface. Such defects are often not covered by warranty.

Edges and corners of KAMA pure pots are slightly rounded. It greatly increases their service life. In addition, this solution is safer in the event of impacts, which is especially important for small children.

External surface is semi-matted and has fine-grained structure. Industrial paints provide long-term use both indoors and outdoors. Pots are proof to severe frost, heat, sunlight and rain.

Standard colours are white (RAL 9003), grey (RAL 7038) and anthracite (RAL 7016).
Also, on request, it is possible to apply some other RAL shades.

Plants can be planted directly in flower pots.
KAMA pure pots normally have a shelf 30 cm from the top. Thanks to this, you do not need to fill the entire pot with soil. It decreases costs, as well as the weight, which is particularly important in the case of pots for balconies or terraces. Of course, you can opt out of this solution and order any model without the shelf to plant in the entire volume of the pot.

Normally, pots do not have drainage holes. If necessary, please specify in the order – we will make them free of charge.

It is possible to order KAMA pure pots with a glued layer of insulation to protect the roots of delicate plants against freezing.

All pots can be equipped with additional wheels. They are placed in the bottom recess and practically invisible – the bottom is raised up to 1 cm. This solution facilitates moving the pot during cleaning or changing the arrangement. Wheels are designed to be used on hard, even and horizontal surfaces.

Additionally, we offer illumination of plants using LED lights (230 V or battery powered) – Sunshine series. The battery option provides safe use in gardens, terraces and in damp rooms, such as swimming pools or spa. Illuminated pots look the best with plants with wide leaves or twigs. Plants lit from the bottom look great and give exhilarating reflections on the walls and ceiling.