KAMA flower

KAMA flower brand are designer Premium flowerpots. Our products have gained international recognition and awards – FORM#2015 granted by the German design and industrial design community at the international trade fail Tendence in Frankfurt. KAMA flower pots are considered by most designers and consumers as the most beautiful and most carefully made.

The KAMA flower collection includes 30 models of pots. They can be grouped into nine design lines and six heights – 14, 45, 60, 75, 100 i 125 cm.

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Pots are made from special composites, making them extremely proof to weather conditions – sunlight, severe frost, heat, water, car fumes, as well as biological agents. Our products do not discolour, crack, rot, and maintain their beautiful appearance for years. Thanks to this, they are great for gardens, terraces and interiors. There are no restrictions on their use.

The external surface is covered with a thick layer of a special, through dyed and chemically-resistant resin. This layer is polished and has mirror gloss.

Standard colours are: white (RAL 9003), red (RAL 3003), anthracite (RAL 7016) and orange (RAL 2000).


Plants can be planted directly in pots or in additional inserts available as an option. Inserts with plants are easy to remove from pots – they have handles. This solution makes plant care extremely easy and allows for arrangement changes. The use of inserts significantly reduces the weight of planted pots, which is especially beneficial when using KAMA flower pots on terraces or balconies. These sites have a limited capacity, which should be kept in mind when designing decorations.

Most KAMA flower models can be additionally equipped with wheels to facilitate their movements. Wheels are hidden in the recess of the bottom and are invisible. They are designed for smooth, hard surfaces.

Normally, pots do not have drainage holes. You can easily make them yourself or state your wish in the order – we will make them free of charge.

Pots can be additionally equipped with illumination of plants using LED lights (230 V or battery powered) – Sunshine series. Low-voltage and safe power supply is for places where there may be water – gardens, terraces, swimming pools. Illumination of plants from the bottom looks especially beautiful in the case of plants with broad leaves or twigs. It also gives subtle, decorative patters on the walls and ceiling.

As an option, we offer decoration of the top surface of pots with Svarowski crystals – Diamond series. We use crystals with a diamond cut, making them sparkle with stunningly beautiful light reflections. This decoration is available in three types – crystals can be glued directly into the surface or bound in gold-plated or chrome-plated rings.

Manacor models are also available as floating pots – Magic Island series. This innovative solution is a unique decoration of ponds and pools. Flowerpots are properly loaded down and anchored, so that they are stable and do not move over the water surface when the weather is windy. They also have a special drainage system that protects plants against flooding and pots against sinking.

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