KAMA concrete

KAMA concrete pots are dedicated mainly for developers, property and green areas administrators, although, of course, also for private gardens and interiors.

They are made from a special variety of polymer concrete that is durable and completely non-absorbent.
Both the composition of the mixture, as well as the technological process are copyrighted by KAMA.
Pots are quite heavy, but not as heavy as those made from ordinary concrete. Compared to them, they have much thinner walls, which is achieved through greater durability and toughness of the material.

Pots have a very high durability and resistance to damage, so they are ideal as elements of landscape architecture. They are a very cost-effective solution for use in public areas.

14 models of cuboid pots, with different sizes and proportions, are mass-produced.

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The surface of KAMA concrete pots has a characteristic structure covered with paint in a semi-matted finish. Pots are proof to severe frost, heat, sunlight and water. They do not rot or corrode like wooden and steel pots. Due to zero absorbance, they are much more durable than ordinary concrete pots and do not crack during the winter.

Standard colours are white (RAL 9003), grey (RAL 7038) and anthracite (RAL 7016).
Also, on request, it is possible to apply some other RAL shades.

Normally, KAMA concrete pots have bottom drainage holes and low, invisible, 1cm high feet. This allows for free movement of water collected during rainfall.

Additionally, we offer extra lining of the interior with styrofoam insulation boards. This protects the root systems of delicate plants against frost.

polymer concrete planter to public space
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garden flowerpots made of polymer concrete
large planters in different colours
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